DSIV Innovation Summit makes its debut in Essen
Stefan Penno, President of DSIV e.V. and the originator of the DSIV Innovation Summit,
greeted nearly 70 participants in the “Haus der Technik” in Essen. And he gave a warning:
“The American market is becoming increasingly uncertain, the Chinese are investing billions
to become the technology leaders in powder and bulk handling by 2022, and German plant
and component manufacturers are resting on their laurels”.
Stefan Penno encourages the participants of the first DSIV Innovation Summit to be inspired
by the lectures and to put their heads together during the breaks, in order to create
partnerships and to join forces.
“Each of us is too small to survive in the international competition alone, but together we are
stronger. That is what the DSIV is there for, that is what this Innovation Summit is about – a
platform for the German bulk solids industry to get together and share ideas”; Penno
explained the intent behind this event.
“Getting together such a good number of participants and the technical contributions right
from nothing is not easy – Jochen Baumgartner and his committee have done a great job
here”, Stefan Penno praises the busy bees behind the scenes.
Baumgartner, Managing Director of DSIV e.V. confirms: “We have achieved all our goals for
the premiere. The evening at the “Zeche Zollverein” was a great event, where the first
alliances were already forged in order to be competitive for the future.”